Lockwood Route

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6:45am Fire Station  3:38pm
6:47am 21 Peri Ranch Road 3:37pm
6:50am Hillside Elementary School  3:36pm
6:52am Rue de la Lavande & Avenue de la Couleurs 3:35pm
6:53am Rue de la Divoire & Avenue de la Couleurs 3:32pm
6:55am Rue de la Blanc  3:31pm
6:56am Aveneue de la Couleurs & Canyon Way  3:30pm
7:30am Hwy. 341 & Fandango  2:40pm

Highlands Route-Secondary

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N/A 7 Mile  N/A
7:13am Lousetown & Barrel Springs  2:46pm
7:15am Lousetown & Panhandle  2:47pm
7:16am 1843 Lousetown 2:48pm
7:17am 1921 Lousetown 2:49pm
7:18am 2090 Lousetown 2:50pm
7:19am Lousetown & Agate  2:51pm
7:21am Lousetown & Cartwright  2:52pm
7:22am Adobe & Cartwright  2:53pm
7:23am Musket & Cartwright  2:54pm
7:24am Grizzley & Cartwright  2:56pm
7:25am Dortort & Cartwright  2:57pm
7:27am Delta & Cartwright  2:59pm
7:30am Saddleback & Cartwright  3:02pm
7:33am Highlands Mailboxes  3:05pm
N/A Fandango & Hwy 341 3:07pm
Highlands Route-Elementary
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N/A 7 Mile (pm only) 3:43pm
8:15am Lousetown & Barrel Springs  3:50pm
8:16am Lousetown & Panhandle  3:51pm
8:17am 1843 Lousetown 3:52pm
8:18am 1921 Lousetown 3:53pm
8:19am 2090 Lousetown 3:54pm
8:21am Lousetown & Agate  3:55pm
8:22am Lousetown & Cartwright  3:57pm
8:23am Adobe & Cartwright  3:58pm
8:24am Musket & Cartwright  3:59pm
8:26am Grizzley & Cartwright  4:01pm
8:28am Dortort & Cartwright  4:03pm
8:30am Delta & Cartwright  4:05pm
8:32am Saddleback & Cartwright  4:08pm
8:34am Highlands Mailboxes 4:11pm
Fandango & hwy 341
Gold Hill Route-Secondary
To School Bus Stop To Home
7:39am American Flats Rd. 2:43pm
7:40am Cabin In The Sky 2:49pm
7:43am 1993 Hwy 342 (Main Street) 2:52pm
7:44am 1603 Hwy 342 (Main Street) 2:54pm
7:45am Maynard Station & Hwy 342 (Main Street) 2:45pm
7:47am D & Sheldon 2:46pm
7:48am Chollar Mansion 2:39pm
Gold Hill Route-Elementary
To School Bus Stop To Home
8:40am Community Chest  
8:51am American Flats Rd, 3:43pm
8:52am Cabin in the Sky 3:44pm
8:53am 1993 Hwy 342 (Main Street) 3:46pm
8:55am 1603 Hwy 342 (Main Street) 3:48pm
8:56am Maynard Station & Hwy 342 (Main Street) 3:39am
8:59am D & Sheldon 3:38pm
9:00am Chollar Mansion 3:37pm

Mark Twain-Secondary

To School Bus Stop To Home
7:00am 425 Wagon Wheel Way 3:18pm
---- Mary & Wagon Wheel 3:16pm
---- Edith & Wagon Wheel 3:14pm
7:01am Julie & Wagon Wheel 3:12pm
---- Elizabeth & Wagon Wheel 3:10pm
7:02am LaFond & Wagon Wheen 3:05pm
7:03am LaFond & Territory 3:04pm
---- Elizabeth & Territory 3:03pm
---- Julie & Territory 3:02pm
7:04am Mary & Territory 3:01pm
7:05am 180 WIllie Way 3:00pm
7:06am 113 WIllie Way 2:59pm
7:07am Sutro Springs & Territory 2:58pm
7:08am Suptro Springs & Wagon Wheel 2:56pm
7:09am 114 Sam Clemens 2:54pm
7:10am 191 Sam Clemens 2:52pm
7:11am Martin & Sam Clemens 2:50pm
7:12am Prospector & Sam Clemens 2:48pm
7:13am Tom Sawyer & Sam Clemens 2:48pm
7:14am Fire Station 2:46pm
7:18am Six Mile Canyon 2:41pm

Mark Twain-Elementary

To School Bus Stop To Home
8:15am 113 Willie Way 3:56pm
8:16am  180 Willie Way 3:57pm
8:18am 333 Territory Way 3:58pm
8:19am Territory & Edith 3:59pm
8:22am 803 La Fond 4:00pm
8:23am Territory & Elizabeth 4:01pm
8:24am Territory & Julie Way 4:06pm
8:25am 158 Julie Way 4:04pm
8:26am 280 Wagon Wheel 4:03pm
8:27am Mary & Wagon Wheel 4:02pm
8:28am 425 Wagon Wheel 4:08pm
8:30am 114 Sam Clemens 3:54pm
8:31am Martin & Sam Clemens 3:53pm
8:32am Prospector & Sam Clemens 3:52pm
8:33am Tom Sawyer & Sam Clemens 3:51pm
8:34am Fire Station 3:50pm
8:37am Six Mile Canyon 3:45pm